Steve JobsSchool

We named our schoolmodel after Steve Jobs. A tribute to the man who developed products and services that have changed the future of society. Our mission is to give our pupils the best possible preparation for their future, so that they make the most out of their curiosity, talents, and opportunities.


The goal of the Steve JobsSchool is to prepare children for tomorrow’s world with today’s tools while focusing on developing their own talents. We encourage children, by means of an innovative new teaching approach and the most up-to-date learning tools, to develop their individual talents and teach them the skills that are crucial for success in the world of tomorrow. 

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In addition to basic subjects such as language, mathematics and world studies, other areas of focus include: analyzing, processing and presenting knowledge, creativity, originality, flexibility, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork. In both the real and digital world. Which is why English is included in our curriculum.

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The Steve JobsSchool has clear statements about its pledge to its pupils. We promise to do all we can to improve their talents, to teach pupils in the way they learn best, to challenge them and help them to use their creativity and imagination. We will do our very best to make sure when they look back at our days together they will remember having a great time.

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To support its curriculum, the Steve JobsSchool has developed four sCoolSuite tools. The tools are specifically developed for pupils, teachers and parents. Each tool has a specific functionality and is available in the AppStore.

iDesk Learning Tracker

Starting a school?

Our organization will soon publish a handbook, which details all aspects of the Steve JobsSchools as well as an upcoming implementation program to assist you in setting up a new school or in transforming an existing school. 

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Feeling inspired?

If we have inspired you, please contact us for additional information on how to build a new Steve JobsSchool or transform an existing school send us an email at or sign up to our social media pages.

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O4NT is a new kind of school well-suited to the developments of the Digital Age which offers pupils the best possible preparation for the future. It is a school where children can develop their talents to their full potential. The use of iPads enables us to reach this objective.